Stage Play
The Power of Passion

Sat, 03/ 31

March 31, 2018
Doors : 2:00 pm
Show: 3:00 pm

Tickets: now on sale $56.50, $52.50, $46.50 (plus fees)

Phelicia Moore Presents, LLC. Presents

“The Power of Passion”
By Phelicia L. Moore

What could destroy man to the point of losing everything?

A woman. Women have been the downfall to many great men throughout history. Raychelle Cummings is a black woman, at the top with them all. She is a beautiful, sexy, vivacious, married woman.

Her husband, Benjamin Cummings, is a hard-working entrepreneur, who spends absolutely no time with his lovely and now lonely wife. She’s a woman of passion and desire. But she’s no different than any other woman; she has the need to be loved. As fate, would have it, her need for attention leads her looking for love in all the wrong faces and places.

After desperately trying to focus on making her marriage work, she finally meets someone who gently meets all her womanly requests. Mr. James Wright, a tall and handsome well-to-do family man. James is on the path of heavenly success only to be eclipsed by deception and confusion.

Trying very hard to resist the temptation of falling for each other, after Raychelle has become James’ wife’s best friend, they land into the point of no return. The defensive walls against the persistency of temptation are chopped down. This destructive spirit, commanded by Satan for his own selfish pleasures, sets out to destroy this man in every way imaginable.

Passion can cause a man to lose everything, forcing those involved into a position of attempting murder and suicide. Satan goes all out to prove that “The Power of Passion “is an ever-burning fire!!!!